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 Name:Dr. Om Chand Sharma
 Designation:Acting Director
 Phone No.:9419243119
 Specilization: Fruit Science (Walnut, Almond, Apricot and Peach, Canopy management)

 Name:Dr. Javid Iqbal Mir
 Designation:Senior Scientist (Sr. Scale)
 Phone No.:9419067788
 Specilization:Plant Biotechnology, Tissue culture, Molecular Biology

 Name:Dr. Geetika Malik
 Designation:Scientist (Sr. Scale)
 Phone No.:9419013707
 Specilization:(Vegetable Science)

 Name:Dr. Wasim Hassan Raja
 Designation: Scientist(Sr. Scale)
 Phone No.:9419058998
 Specilization:(Fruit Science (Apple varieties and Rootstocks)

 Name:Dr. Mohd. Abas Shah
 Phone No.:9419021287
 Specilization:Agricultural Entomology (Sucking and chewing pests)

 Name:Dr Sajad Un Nabi
 Phone No.:9419062355
 Specilization:Plant Pathology and Virology ( Diagnostics and plant disease management)

 Name:Sh. Madhu G. S
 Phone No.:9441236140
 Specilization:Plant Pathology (Characterization of pathogens and bioagents)

 Name:Sh. Puneet Kumar
 Phone No.:9990943175
 Specilization:Agricultural Structures and Process engineering (AS&PE)

 Name:Dr. Sudhakara N. R
 Phone No.:90301297140
 Specilization:Soil Science

 Name:Sh. Vishal Dinkar
 Phone No.:9889198895
 Specilization:Genetics & Plant Breeding

 Name:Shri Eshan Ahad
 Designation:Senior Technical Officer
 Phone No.:9419761786

 Name:Dr. Muneer Ah. Sheikh
 Designation:Technical officer
 Phone No.:9419515989

 Name:Shri Mehraj-Ud-Din Bhat
 Designation:Sr. Tech Asst, (Driver)
 Phone No.:9419501185

 Name:Shri Farman Ali
 Designation:Sr. Technical Asst(Driver)
 Phone No.:9419422584

 Name:Shri Mohd Ramzan Wani
 Designation:Technical Assistant
 Phone No.:9469868532

 Name:Smt. Mubeena
 Designation:Technical Assistant
 Phone No.:7006576567

 Name:Shri Ishtiyaq Ahmad Sheikh
 Designation:Senior Technician
 Phone No.:9419463962

 Name:Shri Fayaz Ah. Dar
 Designation:Finance & Accounts Officer
 Phone No.:9419017002
 Specilization:FINANCE and Accounting

 Name:Smt. Shahida Rafiq
 Designation:Private Secretary (P.S)
 Phone No.:9419078612

 Name:Shri Showkat Ahmad Mir
 Designation:Asstt. Administrative Officer
 Phone No.:9419913765

 Name:Shri Reyaz Ahmad Mir
 Designation:Asstt. Administrative Officer
 Phone No.:9419092099

 Name:Shri Mukhtar Ahmad
 Phone No.:9419075720

 Name:Shri Tariq Ahmad Mir
 Designation:Personal Assistant (P.A)
 Phone No.:8899307677

 Name:Shri Mehraj-ud-Din Meer
 Phone No.:9419514294

 Name:Shri Mohd Muzafer Lone
 Phone No.:9469402512

 Name:Shri Rouf Ahmad Sheikh
 Phone No.:8899028557

 Name:Shri Bashir Ahmad Dar
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9419760670

 Name:Shri Abdul Rashid Bhat
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:7006831818

 Name:Shri Showkat Ah. Dar
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9797961527

 Name:Shri Bashir Ah. Ganai
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:7051572264

 Name:Shri Zubair Ah. Swathi
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9469147700

 Name:Shri Madan Lal
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9797111953

 Name:Shri Gh. Nabi Bhat
 Designation: Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9419934464

 Name:Shri Ajaz Ahmad Wani
 Designation:Skilled Support Staff
 Phone No.:9419946363

 F & AO : 01942305045
 Technical Officer(ARIS):09419761786
 In-charge Farm Srinagar: 7006316856
 Old Airport Rd, Rangreth, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190007

ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture

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