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ICAR- Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture

S No.DateTitleDownload
218-Sep-2023Walk in Interview for YPII for MUKTESHWAR on 13.10.23Download
301-Sep-2023ICAR CITH Srinagar Celebrated National Sports Day from 23rd to 29th August 2023Download
414-Aug-2023Corrigendum for the YPI Main InstituteDownload
507-Aug-2023Applications for various temporary positions in CITH SrinagarDownload
627-Jul-2023Auction of walnut Crop at KVK Baramulla on 17.08.23Download
712-Jul-2023Notification of open auction of fruit cropsDownload
801-Jun-2023Cancellation of recrutement process for YPI ( IT )Download
919-May-2023Postponement of Shortlist for YPI (IT)Download
1016-May-2023Rescheduling of Interview Dates for the posts of YPI,YPII and SRFDownload
1109-May-2023IJSC Elections FormDownload
1203-May-2023CORRIGENDUM for the position of Young Professional ITDownload
1402-May-2023Walk In Interview for the posts Of SRF,YPI,YPII on 22-05-2023Download
1526-Feb-2023Growers Perception Survey on Green Apple Aphids (Short Version)Download
1623-Feb-2023Growers Perception Survey on Green Apple Aphids in Apple Orchards of Kashmir (Revised)Download
1722-Feb-2023Walk in Interview for the temporary post of Project Associate and Young Professional IIDownload
1919-Jan-2023Walk in Interview at ICAR CITH on 08.02.2023Download
2003-Jan-2023AUCTION NOTICEDownload
2103-Jan-2023Children Education Allowance ReimbursementDownload
2203-Jan-2023Request for participation in GeM BoQ Bid Invited by ICAR-CITH, SRINAGAR for Computer PrinterDownload
2303-Jan-2023AUCTION NOTICE FOR PRUNED WOOD OF Various Fruit CropsDownload
2401-Jan-2023Request for participation in GeM BoQ Bid invited by ICAR-CITH, srinagar (camra copy stand) 24.1.23Download
2517-Nov-2022Auction of kiwi fruit at RS DIRANG APDownload
2611-Oct-2022Request for participation in GeM BoQ Bid invited by ICAR-CITH, srinagar (Farm Yard Manure) 14.11.22Download
2729-Sep-2022five days working from Ist October 2022Download
2822-Sep-2022Precaution Dose of Covid VaccinationDownload
2922-Sep-2022One day Exposure visit -cum-training programme organised for tribal farmers at ICAR-CITH SrinagarDownload
3011-Aug-2022Walk-in-Interview on 29-08-2022 11.00AM at ICAR-CITH FOR TEMPORARY POSITIONS SRFDownload
3209-Jun-2022Success Story Dr WasimDownload
3303-Jun-2022scientific assistantDownload
3431-May-2022Walk-In-Interview on 20.06.2022 at 11.00 AM at ICAR-CITH, SrinagarDownload
3529-Apr-2022walk in interview for Project Associate and Young ProfessionalsDownload
3621-Apr-2022Auction of Pruned WoodsDownload
3716-Apr-2022Auction of Pruned WoodDownload
3810-Mar-2022Training cum distribution programme at ICAR-CITH, RS-Dirang Arunachal Pradesh under NEH scheme.Download
3907-Jan-2022Mandatory procurement through GeM regardingDownload
4006-Jan-2022Request for participation in GeM BoQ Bid Invited by ICAR-CITH, SRINAGARDownload
4105-Jan-2022Vehicle requisition formDownload
4205-Jan-2022CL Application FormDownload
4305-Jan-2022Medical Fitness formDownload
4405-Jan-2022Illness certificateDownload
4505-Jan-2022Departure ReportDownload
4605-Jan-2022Departure Report for TourDownload
4705-Jan-2022Reimbursement of Medical ExpensesDownload
4805-Jan-2022Joining ReportDownload
4905-Jan-2022EL application formDownload
5105-Jan-2022Form -2_PensionDownload
5205-Jan-2022Form- 3 -PensionDownload
5305-Jan-2022Form- 4 -PensionDownload
5405-Jan-2022Form- 5 -PensionDownload
5505-Jan-2022Form- 7 -PensionDownload
5605-Jan-2022Form- 8 -PensionDownload
5705-Jan-2022Form- 9 -PensionDownload
5805-Jan-2022Form- 10 -PensionDownload
5905-Jan-2022Profarma- Cat-1Download
6005-Jan-2022Profarma- Cat-3Download
6105-Jan-2022Gate passDownload
6205-Jan-2022Office OrderDownload
6304-Jan-2022IMPREST FORMDownload
6404-Jan-2022Advance Contengent Expenditure Bill FORMDownload
6504-Jan-2022GPF withdrawal_advance FORMDownload
6604-Jan-2022Medical FORMDownload
6704-Jan-2022Proforma for Cash Purchase_Senction FORMDownload
6804-Jan-2022TA allownace to proceed on your (tour) FORMDownload
6904-Jan-2022Telephone Bill FORMDownload
7004-Jan-2022Tour Programme Tentative FORMDownload
7104-Jan-2022TA Allowance Bill for Tour FORMDownload
7204-Jan-2022Auction of Pruned WoodDownload
7303-Jan-2022Auction of pruned wood and damaged treesDownload
7403-Jan-2022Notice Inviting Tender ouction of Kiwi Fruit Crop on 17.11.2022 at 11 am at RS, Dirang (AP)Download
7502-Jan-2022Notification Walk-in-Interview on 17-03-2022Download
7612-Nov-2021Auction of pruned woodDownload
7711-Nov-2021Walk in Interview at Dirang (AP)Download
8023-Sep-2021Liaison officer for OBCDownload
8110-Sep-2021Visit of Honorable Agriculture MinisterDownload
8225-Aug-2021Filling of vacant posts on Deputation permanent AbsorptionDownload
8321-Aug-2021office order regarding sale of planting materials on Bill basisDownload
8409-Aug-2021Training cum Workshop organized by ICAR-CITH, Srinagar and MARES, SKUAST-Kargil at KargilDownload
8504-Aug-2021Submission of Prioritized items for staffDownload
8629-Jul-2021Circular for Cith Employees for various scientific and non scientific equipmentDownload
8728-Jul-2021Office OrderDownload
8828-Jul-2021Office Order2Download
8917-Jul-2021Parliamentary committee on HindiDownload
9016-Jul-2021Visit of Parliamentary Hindi Committee to ICAR CITH SRINAGARDownload
9116-Jul-2021Visit of Parliamentary Hindi Committee to ICAR CITH SRINAGAR 3Download
9202-Jun-2021Office OrderDownload