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S No.DateTitleDownload
109-Sep-2021Right to Information Act, 2005 Mandatory Voluntary Disclosure under Section 4(1)(b)Download
109-Sep-2021Transparency officer_Nodal Officer_First Appellate Authority_Central Public Information OfficerDownload
109-Sep-2021Right to Information Act 2005 _ in HindiDownload
109-Sep-2021Right to Information Act 2005 _ in EnglishDownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Model Forms of Application _ Application for information to CPIODownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Model Forms of Application _ 1st Appeal to Appellate AuthorityDownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Model Forms of Application _ 2nd Appeal to Central Information CommissionDownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Model Forms of Application _ Model Register to be maintained by the CPIOs and AAsDownload
109-Sep-2021Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules 2005Download
109-Sep-2021The Central information Commission (Appeal procedure) Rules 2005Download
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(i)- The particulars of organisation, functions and dutiesDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(ii)- The powers and duties of officers and employeesDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(iii)- The procedure followed in the decision-making processDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(iv)- The norms set for discharge of functionsDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(v)- The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records used by employeesDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(vi)- The categories of documents held or under controlDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(vii)- The particulars of arrangement that exists for consultation with PublicDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(viii)- A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodiesDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(ix)- A directory of the officers and employees -ICARDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(ix)- A directory of the officers and employees -CITHDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(x)- The monthly remuneration of officers and employees and system of compensationDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(xi)- Budget allocation of all plans, expenditures and reports on disbursementDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(xii)-The manner of execution of subsidy programs, amounts allocated, and beneficiariesDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(1)(b)(xiii)- Recipients of concessions, permits or authorization grantedDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(xiv)- Details in respect of the information, available or held, in an electronic formDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(xv)- Particulars of facilities to citizens for obtaining informationDownload
109-Sep-2021Section 4(b)(xvi)- The names, designation and other particulars of the Public Information OfficersDownload
109-Sep-2021Number of employees against whom disciplinary action has been proposedDownload
109-Sep-2021Programmes to advance understanding of RTIDownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Quarterly Returns 2020-21Download
109-Sep-2021RTI Quarterly Returns 2019-20Download
109-Sep-2021RTI Quarterly Returns 2018-19Download
109-Sep-2021RTI Quarterly Returns 2017-18Download
109-Sep-2021RTI Replies - To Applications by CPIOsDownload
109-Sep-2021RTI Replies - To Appeals by Appellate AuthorityDownload
109-Sep-2021CAG, PAC ParasDownload
109-Sep-2021Grievance redressal mechanismsDownload
109-Sep-2021Details of third-party audit of voluntary disclosure 2019-20Download
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